Homeschooling for
High School and College Admission

from Malia Russell, Homemaking 911

This talk covers topics such as:

  • Options for outside classes
  • Dual Credit
  • College Admission
  • Class Credits
  • Options for PE
  • Social Opportunities
  • Community Services
  • Successful College Applications
  • Preparing for the ACT
  • College Admissions for student with learning disabilities
  • Seeking Scholarships for Homeschool students

Malia Russell is a wife, mother, author, and conference speaker. She has six home educated children, ages 3-25 and two grandchildren. All three of her oldest children (ages 15-25) were admitted to their choice of colleges - with scholarships!  

The Russells have been homeschooling since 2000. This talk shares how they navigated the waters for high school, and also how homeschool parents can minimize college costs and prepare students for college admission. This is a recording of a live workshop in Louisville, KY, so some of the specifics may not apply to you. Take what she shared and adapt it for your student and situation. 

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This mp3 download is from Malia's recent class to homeschool parents in Louisville KY. It includes the audio talk and the Questions and Answer period at the end of the workshop. Be sure to download and print out the listeners guide for additional help and information.
Audio Talk (93-minute MP3 in a ZIP file) - 85 MB
Listener's Resource Guide (PDF in a ZIP file) - 377 KB